Why fundraise for BIBS?

BIBS is always grateful to receive donations, however small, in order to continue supporting families and providing equipment for the ward. Visit Where Does the Money Go to find out what BIBS has recently spent donations on and what we are fundraising to buy this year.

Anyone can raise funds for BIBS. We would be delighted to help with your fundraising in any way we can. If you need ideas, support or help with raising awareness of your activities, please contact us.

What do I need to know?

Our charity number is 1168487. Please share this with those making donations to you so they can be sure of where the money is going and exactly who they are helping.

Gift Aid enables BIBS to claim some tax back on donations made by UK taxpayers, meaning your valuable donations can be worth even more to us. Visit our Gift Aid page for more information and to download a Gift Aid form.

Online charity donation websites provide an easy way to manage your donations. BIBS is registered with JustGiving and VirginMoneyGiving.  They are both simple to use and enable donors to make payments direct to us, meaning you don’t have to handle the money.  Visit our JustGiving and VirginMoneyGiving page for more information.

If you are taking part in a challenge organised through a charity event company, please ask the event company how much they charge the charity.  Some of these companies charge charities a lot of money for you to take part, which means very little of what you raise will actually reach us.  Please note we usually have to pay this fee several months before the event, and so BIBS may end up out of pocket if you fail to reach the event fundraising target.

How can I fundraise?

There’s no end to the list of ways you can raise funds for BIBS.  For inspiration take a look at our fundraising ideas and current activities.

Can I make a one-off donation?

Of course you can!  The easiest ways to make a donation to BIBS are:

By credit or debit card through the charity donation websites JustGiving and VirginMoneyGiving.  Visit our JustGiving and VirginMoneyGiving page for more information.

By sending us a cheque made payable to “BIBS”, along with a completed Gift Aid form (if appropriate).  Please send your cheque (with your name and contact details so we can send you a thank you!) to Babies In Buscot Support, Buscot Ward, Royal Berkshire Hospital, London Road, Reading RG1 5AN.

What else can I do?

We are always looking for supporters to join our group of ‘Buscot Buddies’. This active group get involved in a variety of activities throughout the year to help BIBS. If you are interested in joining the group, search on Facebook for BIBS volunteers – ‘Buscot Buddies’ and request to join. We look forward to hearing from you!