Family Support Group

BIBS Family Support Groups are hosted by BIBS Family Support Workers. They are a great way to access peer support from other parents and families that have a child, who through sickness or prematurity at birth, experienced an admission into a neonatal unit. This could be Buscot Ward at the RBH, or any other neonatal unit. They are open to any family member and their babies or toddlers to attend.

They are very informal in nature, have plenty of toys and free refreshments are available. You can be sure of a stress-free, non-judgmental, warm and welcoming environment, where you can meet other parents who will have similar experiences to share and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

Our Family Support Workers currently host groups in Calcot and Wokingham venues. We recommend that you join the BIBS Family Support Group on Facebook (link below) to find out the most up to date information on locations, dates and times – as well as to connect online with your peer community of former Buscot parents.

BIBS Family Support Group – Reading and Wokingham Area | Facebook