Nappies & Clothes


Pampers Micro (1-2.5kg) and Size 1 (2-5kg) sold at Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Boots and Mothercare
Naty size 1 (2-5kg) sold at Tesco, Boots and Mothercare
Sainsburys “own brand” Little Ones – Size 1 upwards
Tesco “own brand” Tesco loves Baby – Size 1 upwards
Asda “own brand” Little Angels – Size 0 (1-2.5kg) upwards
Morrisons “own brand” Littlw Big – Size 1 upwards
Boots “own brand” Baby – Size 0 upwards
Aldi “own brand” Mamia – Size 1 upwards
Pampers can also be purchased online from Amazon as well as some less well known brands


Sainsburys Tiny baby up to 5lb
Tesco Tiny baby up to 5lb
Morrisons Nutmeg Early baby up to 5lb
Asda Tiny baby up to 5lb
Mothercare Early Baby up to 5lb. Smaller premature sizes can be ordered online but not a large amount of stock or choice
Mamas and Papas Petit Newborn up to 7lb
John Lewis – premature baby clothes from 1kg available online or ordered instore.
Marks and Spencer Tiny baby upto 5lb

Perhaps you can knit and want to make a cardigan, jumper or hat for your baby? We have collected three knitting patterns for you here, just click on the links: