Where does the money go?

BIBS is staffed entirely by volunteers who give their time, their experience and even their stationery to help keep our costs down. Very close to 100% of the money we raise goes directly into Buscot Ward.

Recently, BIBS have funded the following projects and equipment:

  • Refurbishment of the two overnight flats on Buscot Ward
  • Purchase of a transport incubator (costing over £35,000) to safely transfer babies between wards and hospitals.
  • New breast pumps for mothers to use on the ward and at home
  • Breastfeeding chairs
  • Aids to allow babies to be positioned correctly for their development whilst in the incubators and cots
  • Services of BIBS Family Support Practitioner to give postnatal support to parents
  • Christmas decorations for the ward and Christmas stockings for every baby on the ward on Christmas Day
Rachel and staff of Buscot presenting the new travel incubator purchased at a cost of £30,000

The BIBS Chair presenting the new travel incubator to the Buscot Lead Sister and nursing staff

A close up view on the new parents' flat in Buscot ward

One of the refurbished flats on Buscot ward

This year BIBS aims to fund:
  • Refurbishment of the Quiet Room, Family Room and the expressing rooms on the ward
  • Creation of a new Parents Only lounge where parents can be with their babies in a more homely environment
  • Purchase of 11 new hot cot water mattresses (costing nearly £19,000)
  • Printing of a new BIBS booklet for parents with helpful advice about having a baby on Buscot ward

We can never raise enough money to do all that we wish and new projects are always on the horizon.  Neither can we express how much your fundraising means to the babies and their families on Buscot Ward. See our Fundraising page for more information on how to give and raise money for BIBS.