Buscot family room transformed thanks to generosity of BIBS supporters

Many families will have spent days, weeks and even months in the family room on Buscot Ward – a place to make a cuppa or a meal, take time out during a long day, meet up with other family members and await a visit with their tiny babies.

Thanks to the fantastic fundraising efforts of BIBS supporters, we have been able to completely transform this previously tired and dreary space into a relaxing and modern environment, complete with everything families might need to make their stay just a little bit more comfortable. As one mum commented: “This room is amazing, I have been using this room while my little lady is a resident. It’s so relaxing and takes the stress away from being here. It’s a great place for my 4yr old to take time out and just play when visiting her sister”. Another mum said: “Such a difference, it now looks like a cosy and inviting place to sit and relax in what many call their second home, on such a important journey for all families”.

Take a look at these photos to see how the room looks now. If you have used the newly refurbished room, why not drop us a line and let us know what you thought?

family room picfamily room pic 2


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