BIBS funds a professional Family Support Practitioner that runs drop-in sessions three times a week. We also operate a Parent Support evening once a week run by volunteer former Buscot parents.


BIBS manages and refurbishes parent and family facilities on the ward such as a family lounge and overnight accomodation.


BIBS aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by parents and babies on the unit. We work with the hospital and other organisations to make this most stressful of journeys as smooth as possible.


BIBS fundraises to help supply the latest technology and equipment that will aid in the care and development of babies on Buscot Ward.

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Many Buscot dads will identify with the feelings shared here in Julien’s story - the fourth in our series focusing on the work of Catherine, BIBS funded Family Support Practitioner.

Catherine supported Julien and his wife, Gabriela, during their son Jacob’s three-month stay in special care and during their first weeks at home. Julien explains how he had to overcome a range of feelings including helplessness, isolation and feeling like a bystander.

Jacob was born in December 2011 at 28+2 weeks. Gabriela had made a routine trip to her local doctor whilst visiting family in the Czech Republic. The doctor saw straight away that her blood pressure was extremely high and sent her to hospital where she stayed for a week before coming back to the UK and the Royal Berks to be monitored. Jacob was born 4 weeks later by emergency C-section in Winchester, due to a lack of space in Buscot at the time, and was transferred back to Reading after a week. Julien describes how he felt in those early days and weeks: “It was such a shock to see Jacob in his incubator and fully ventilated. The joy of expecting our first child had so quickly taken an unexpected turn and it was hard to come to terms with this. I felt so helpless. Everyone tells you it’ll be a roller-coaster ride, but nothing can prepare you for what it’s like in there… I felt like a third party, like a bystander. My wife kept telling me I needed to hold Jacob more and have skin to skin contact with him, but I backed away. I was so worried about the beeps from the machines.”

Due to infection, Jacob was kept in isolation for three weeks and Julien explains how alone he and Gabriela felt – “I didn’t have anyone to talk to about what was happening. My friends didn’t really understand and didn’t know what to say. Men don’t tend to talk about that sort of thing together.” It was at this point that Catherine was able to help. “The staff on the ward are fantastic but of course everyone is so busy. There are lots of people around and lots of other parents, but we felt very alone. We didn’t know whether it was appropriate to talk to other parents – that is where Catherine helped. She introduced us to other families and we found it reassuring to talk to others in the same situation. We made some good friends through our weekly group meetings with Catherine and have stayed in touch since. Catherine really understood what we were going through.”

Jacob finally came home after three long months in special care. The couple were obviously delighted to have him home, but it wasn’t easy as Jacob spent the first two months at home on oxygen. Lovely Catherine visited the family at home on several occasions. Julien says “She was so supportive. She told us about other families she had helped who had also brought their baby home on oxygen and showed us that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Jacob is now approaching his 6th birthday and is a very bright and active boy. He loves performing and has recently started theatre training. Three years ago the family welcomed a new addition – Oliver, a brother for Jacob.

Julien wanted to say a big thank you to BIBS for all the little things that help parents feel more relaxed on the ward: “The Christmas stockings, the cards, funding Catherine’s role – it means so much to think that someone cares about what you are going through.”
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